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Saturday,  06/26/10  07:07 PM

Pastis RicardI did a considerable amount of nothing today, reading William Gibson's Idoru while rediscovering the pleasure of Pastis whilst reclining poolside.  Shirley and I definitely prefer Ricard to Pernod, but YMMV; either way I must tell you mixed with a splash of water over ice it is marvelous.

Did make time for a little spreadsheet work - before the Ricard, not after :) - and it was good.

The Financial Post: [Gulf oil spill was an] Avertable catastrophe.  In which it is seen that three days after the BP Deepwater Horizon platform exploded The Netherlands offered the U.S. ships equipped to handle a major spill, and were turned down.

who's paying for the U.S. healthcare bill?Bertelan Mesko links Who is paying for the U.S. healthcare bill?  If you have to ask who's the fool at the table, it's probably you.

Yesterday I mentioned Josh Newman; one his best posts ever was this one, about turning 25.  He notes that after 25 the second milestone is 40, something Mike Arrington is dealing with just now.  It all seems rather quaint when seen from 51.  I must tell you for me turning 30 was the big milestone, but that probably had more to do with getting divorced than anything else; I felt like I was starting over halfway into my life.

Nerd alert: my life as a square (pixel).  My experience with non-square pixels and planer video convinced me there were idiots afoot at IBM.  And I was not wrong.  Who among us cannot remember choosing between palette 0 (black/brown/red/green) and palette 1 (black/white/pink/aqua)?

Palm Pre overclocked to 1GZ! hot!Did you know your Palm Pre can double as a barbeque starter?  Simply overclock it from 600Hz to 1GZ.  It will be snappy but battery life will suffer, and an asbestos case may be helpful.

I love it, but where do these people get the time?

ZooBorn: arctic fox puppyZooBorn of the day: an arctic fox puppy!

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