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the return of MSDN magazine

Friday,  06/25/10  04:15 PM

You guys know I'm not a big fan of Microsoft, nor of MSDN (the Microsoft Developer Network), nor especially MSDN Magazine.  I've been a member of MSDN forever - it's the way to get access to Microsoft's development tools, and as a developer, well, you need the tools - and hence I've been a subscriber to MSDN Magazine since time zero.  Over the years it has become less and less about software engineering and more and more about Microsoft's tools.

But they've turned over a new leaf, sort of, and I've found myself being more and more interested...  in particular they've added columns by Charles Petzold and David Platt, both pragmatic engineers, and I like it.  (Check out Chainsaw Development, for example...)

Excellent, the pendulum swings back.  Especially excellent since the demise of Dr. Dobbs and Byte :)