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Wednesday,  06/23/10  11:47 PM

(Yawn...)  And so tonight I am in Vista, having awakened in Farmington CT, got up and run again in the morning (!), had a couple of productive meetings in Hartford, drove back to Boston (at high speed!), barely caught my flight back to Long Beach, and then drove down here.  I am still sore from running, but I must tell you I really enjoyed it; the same endorphin high you get from riding but faster and different somehow.  Just don't know if I'll be able to walk in the morning :)

Okay, a quick blogging pass...

Wow what a post by Eric Raymond: A Specter is Haunting Genetics.  It defies sound-bite summary, but he makes a lot of valid points and summarizes the controversies and politics well.  Read it all!

The Oatmeal: minor differencesThe Oatmeal on a short list of minor differences (that aren't minor).  Dead on.

"breathing room III"Jamie Jawinski: Breathing Room III.  Wow.

A fascinating article from McKinsey Quarterly: When companies underestimate low-cost rivals (PDF).

Cool!  The U.S. survives the first round of the World Cup and advances into the knockout stage.  I have no illusions that they have a chance to go all the way, but it will be fun to see how far they go.

The New Yorker is coming to the iPad.  So be it.  I will continue to read the paper copy I believe, but we'll see.

Brad Feld: The magic of email conversations.  I like them too; and while I use Outlook and it doesn't do conversations, I use X1 to index Outlook and it does :)

Kottke: Kirk/Spock musical slash fiction.  Yes!  I have no idea who has time to assemble such mashups, but they're great...

Steve Jobs with Russian President Dmirty MedvedevI love this picture: Steve Jobs with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  Could definitely be a caption contest...

Okay, that's it (yawn).  Good night and see you tomorrow Friday...

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