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Tuesday,  06/22/10  11:40 PM

Tired and sore and happy in Farmington (CT) after a great day; a couple of productive meetings in Boston, got some work done at my hotel, drove down into Connecticut to get here, and then tonight did something I haven't done since I can't remember when: I went for a run.  My legs were wondering what the heck was going on, but it was really fun; a light warm rain was falling, and the air smelled wonderful.  Pretty nice, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow morning :)

Yikes: Jamie Zawinsky notes The oceans look delicious now.  It's horrible to contemplate that bad as things are, and difficult as they'll be to clean up, the situation continues to worsen each day

Inhabitat: What happens if BP never plugs the oil spill

Drudge: BP CEO goes sailing, Obama goes golfing.  Nice. 

From Salon: the 10 best moments from Pat Benatar's memoir.  "By all accounts, Benatar is shockingly normal."  I've always like Pat - her music, as well as her - and it is great she's so abnormally normal... 

CrunchGear reviews Toy Story 3.  They love it, like everyone else...  seems like a must-see.  I must tell you I loved Toy Story 2; much as I like *all* the Pixar movies, it might have been my favorite.  (BTW, TS1 was 1995, and TS2 was 1999, how time flies!)  What a track record they have, amazing... 

Kottke: Athens' modern Olympic ruins.  "Many of the stadiums and venues from the 2004 Athens Olympics are now lying abandoned, unused since the Games and symbolic of the dysfunctional Greek economy."  A cautionary tale for any would-be Olympic hosts. 

The Frank Geary -designed brain research center in Las Vegas.  Check that out...  Well, what else would it look like?  Awesome! 

Russell Beattie prophesies the end of WIMP and the rise of touch.  Huh, I don't know... seems to me there is still room for a big monitor and full-size keyboard, and WIMP supports that environment pretty well. 

Lance Armstrong finishes second in the Tour of Switzerland!  But plays down his chances in the Tour de France.  Frank Schleck won in Switzerland by the way; amazingly making a great run in the final days' time trial.  Johan Bruyneel says "we don't have to win the tour", but I think he really wants to; they're sandbagging Lance's chances. 

The other day I noted I liked my Kindle poolside; the screen is great in the sun.  Whether that's the reason or some other, I don't think the iPad is going to displace it as the leader.  Neither does Om MalikJohn Biggs agrees too.  Especially now that it's down to $189, the razor's price is lowered, but remember Amazon makes money on the blades. 

Okay, that's it; I'm tired and sore and sleeepy...  good night!