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happy Flag Day

Monday,  06/14/10  08:05 AM

Good morning to y'all and Happy Flag Day!

As I'm fond of noting, June 14th is always quite a day for me; not only a day on which to celebrate the American Flag and all that it stands for, but my father's birthday; today he would be celebrating his 87th.  Always nice to remember my Dad, a Dutch-American who truly appreciated the United States and its freedoms and opportunities.

This is also the 19th (gasp!) anniversary of my first date with Shirley.  Unbelievable that so much time has passed, and so much has happened in between, and yet I can remember it clearly.  Surely we must celebrate :)

And this afternoon our 16-year old daughter Alexis leaves for Uganda on a mission with her school.  Amazing.  Comparing the U.S. to Uganda certainly puts our life in sharp focus, wow.

Well it will be quite a day for me, I hope it is for you, too!  Cheers!!