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Sunday,  06/13/10  09:50 PM

So yesterday I did nothing, and today I did something even more rare: I worked on something other than work.  In between I worked on my family (we had a great brunch at the lake) and my tan (cycling leaves weird tan lines, so sitting out by the pool occasionally is a must).  And also my blog...

Uganda Map (click to enbiggen)Tomorrow Alex is off to Uganda on a mission with Oaks Christian school.  We're not terribly religious but we like Oaks a lot, it is a great school, and opportunities like this are a big part of the reason.  What an experience it will be for her... can't wait to hear all about it, and to see all her pictures.  Did you know...

  • Uganda is about the size of Oregon, landlocked in the middle of Africa
  • Uganda has about 30M people
  • Uganda's capital is Kampala
  • The official language is English
  • 51% of the people live on or below $1.25/day

I have been reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, the third and last in Steig Larsson's fantastic "The Girl Who..." series, and have loving it...  I cannot tell you why they are so addictive, but they are...

A great video: America Rising.  Check it out!  [ via Powerline ]

Farewell, Dr. Demento!  This weekend was his last broadcast, after 40 years on the air.  Wow.  You might be like me, you might say "wow, he's still on the air?", but I can tell you as a teenager I loved his show.  Awesome.

foiling cat - on Sailing Anarchy...Yippee I have fixed the Sailing Anarchy RSS feed.  I know you've been waiting - for months - but it's working again.  To celebrate, here's a picture of an awesome foiling cat, looks like of like the same principle as l'Hydroptere, where the foils help resist heeling as well as reducing wetted surface drag.  Cool.

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