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Wednesday,  05/19/10  11:45 PM

A  _l_o_n_g_ day yesterday, round trip to Vista capped by a nice Kessel Run, and another today as I flew up to Portland to visit some customers.  I am delighted to report that I had dinner at Ten-01 and can recommend it highly; fois gras and strawberries (yum), delicious Ahi tuna, paired with a marvelous Erath Leland Pinot, and capped off by a terrific cheese plate and some Warre's port.  Ah, life on the road.

Big news today as Google's I/O conference kicks off...  they've announced a Chrome App store, for web apps; interesting!  Perhaps the biggest news was their stance; they are so clearly contra-Apple.

Dave Zabriske wins ATOC stage 3Francesco Chicchi wins stage 4 of the ATOCDave Zabriske won yesterday's ATOC stage 3, as he, Michael Rodgers, and Levi Leipheimer left the field on the Bonny Doon climb to become the GC favorites.  Those three finished 1-2-3 last year, too.  Then Fransesco Chicchi won today's stage 4 in a bunch sprint; the big news was that Mark Cavendish didn't win as the GC remained unchanged.

Meanwhile, at the Giro d'Italia, the entire race was thrown in the air and shuffled as a break of 54 riders succeeded, putting ten minutes into all the contenders.  I can't ever remember such a thing happening in a grand tour, but I guess that's why they race.  Unbelievable.  Vino is now nine minutes back, but still right among the contenders; it will be interesting to see how it all sorts out with a serious amount of climbing left...

And in some extremely sad cycling news, Floyd Landis has admitted doping, and accuses a bunch of other cyclists of doing the same.  Shame on me but I had maintained Floyd's innocence all these years despite his disqualification for doping in the 2005 Tour de France.  I guess I was wrong, and he was (as his book title says) Positively False.  I don't believe all his allegations, first he has no credibility, and second as a fan of the sport I chose to believe today's controls are sufficient to prevent widespread doping.  For sure this is sad news...

Headline of the day: Algorithm spots sarcasm -- suuuuure it does.  How appropriate that it was developed at the Hebrew University :)

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