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1+1=1 on 5/5/10

Thursday,  05/06/10  10:20 PM

Back home after a busy week down in Vista, and looking forward to a quiet stretch of "real" work after all the meetings and dinners and discussions.  After all is said and done, much more was said than done :)

I wish I could explain the headline - you would love it - but I can't.  Yet.

Mark Andreessen has a great post: Big Enough for the Job?  "While you always want the best executive team you can recruit, there are downsides to asking this question too early or in the wrong way.  Ben enumerates the risks in his latest blog post The Scale Anticipation Fallacy, then offers his suggestions on the right way to evaluate and develop your executive team."

Google Chrome speed tests - awesome!Tuesday I blogged about Google's Chrome speed test video, which was accompanied by a "making of" video.  Well now we have the speed test video itself, and it's awesome!  I don't know whether the new Chrome beta is faster or not, but the video alone justifies this release :)

Kin One and Kin Two smartphonesEngadget posted A review of the Kin One and Kin Two, Microsoft's "project Pink" cellphones.  "And that about sums it up - there are much better choices for much less money on the market."  Why do these products even exist?

This looks useful: iPhone app development: the missing manual.  "In short, there’s more to learn than just how to code, so I wrote about it.  Of course, I cover topics like Objective-C and Cocoa Touch in detail, but that’s not the overall focus. This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process from start to finish."  Bookmarked by blog :)

The Onion: Supreme Court upholds free speechFrom the Onion: Supreme Court upholds freedom of speech in obscenity-filled ruling.  "I don't know what kind of bullshit passes for jurisprudence down in the 4th Circuit these days, but those pricks can take their arguments about speech that 'appeals only to prurient interests' and go suck a dog's asshole."  I love it.

Can the iPad save Newsweek?  No.  If people didn't want to read the print edition, they won't want to read the online edition either.  This is the problem for all publishers, in most cases the number of people who want to read online editions is a proper subset of the people who read print.

Add Jason Kottke to the list of people who have found a "third niche" for the iPad.  "I do a lot of reading and light writing for this site and I'm hoping that the iPad will allow me to do that somewhere that's not my desk."  Good luck with the "writing" part, Jason...

ZooBorn: Eurasian LynxZooBorns of the day: Nashville's storm babies.  "This past weekend, record rainfall caused catastrophic flooding in Nashville and the Nashville Zoo staff worked day and night to ensure their animals' welfare. Their hard work paid off with not one, but two remarkable births, welcoming a Eurasian lynx cub on Saturday and a Baird's tapir on Sunday."

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