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lost my brain

Thursday,  04/29/10  11:34 PM

Auguste Roin: The ThinkerTuesday night I lost my brain.  Well actually I lost my car, but in order to do so I had to lose my brain first, in an incident frighteningly reminiscent of last week when I ran out of brain

I had landed in New Orleans, hungry, and immediately after renting a car had OpenTable-d a restaurant in the French Quarter1.  Drove into downtown, using my trusty Pre's awesome GPS nav app2, and knowing parking would be tough as soon as I got close I parked my car.  From their I walked to the restaurant, guided by the Pre, and had a great dinner3.  Afterward I walked back to my car and ... wait! I didn't walk back to my car, because I *totally* could not remember where I put it!  I couldn't remember the street, couldn't remember the direction of the street, and in fact couldn't even remember what the car looked like!  Yikes.

Using Google Maps I was able to search all the streets in the area in spiral fashion, clicking the keys' unlock button so I could identify my car as I walked along, and after an hour of blundering about I found it.  You are thinking "this is a typical New Orleans French Quarter experience" and you might be right.  It didn't leave me very proud of myself.  I guess I have to continue clearing out my head so I can accomplish basic tasks.  Whew.

1 if you travel around like me OpenTable is awesome.  You can find great restaurants anywhere and make a reservation with a click of the touchscreen.  The Pre app for OpenTable is great, too.

2 yes, the Pre's GPS nav app is superior to any in-car GPS and just as cool as Garmin / Tom Tom / etc., with the bonus of being integrated with the phone.

3 The Pelican Club, and yes I had a wonderful meal there, starting with Andouille gumbo followed by Blue Crab ravioli and a trio of duckling, capped by duck egg creme brulee and accompanied by Arcadian Pinot Noir.

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