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Friday,  04/23/10  04:51 PM

my brain is full... you have been warnedAs noted, my brain is full, but I will try to make a filter pass anyway, on a Friday afternoon no less.  You have been warned.

how to name a volcano :)Put down all sharp objects and hot liquids, and then let The Oatmeal explain how to name a volcano.

Yesterday Facebook announced that they've expanded their API, to include "the Open Graph".  Which is open in the sense that anyone can use it, but closed in the sense that it belongs to Facebook.  Scoble is right to comment on Facebook's ambition, this is big.  So, should I add 'Like' buttons to my blog?  (And thereby allow you to auto-link posts into your Facebook?)  Huh.  I'm thinking 'no', but I'm still thinking...

Earth Day - windmills!It is Earth Day, 2010.  And the Big Picture celebrates with a big spread, interposing "good" and "bad" pictures of humans and their effect on Earth.  I especially like the pictures of windmills, which are delightfully ambiguous in their green-ness; sure, clean power in some sense, but definitely a nonzero impact on the environment.

pianist plays iPad for encoreIt had to happen: Pianist plays concert encore on iPad.  Wow.  I guess the lack of physical keyboard doesn't affect everyone :)

Meanwhile, here is Eric Raymond's take:  "The iPad is the ultimate Steve Jobs device – so hypnotic that not only do people buy one without knowing what it’s good for, they keep feeling like they ought to use it even when they have better alternatives for everything it does."  He doesn't think it will be successful, but he's been wrong before...

non-stopping trainA train that never stops at stations.  Pretty cool, operates on the same principle as the newer style of ski lift, where the chairs come off the main cable for loading and unloading, allowing the cable to move much faster.  Probably impractical but an ingenious idea.

Okay, that's it, now my brain is really full.  See you Sunday.

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