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week of 4/12, redux

Sunday,  04/18/10  10:39 PM

Paul Wunderlich sculptureA rather tumultuous week, as I recovered from my week away in Europe (which seemed like months) and dealt with a number of work-related and personal issues.  Seemed like each day presented its little challenges... some of which are still ongoing.  Ah well, if it was easy, everyone could do it :)  This is only a test; if this was an actual life I would be told where to tune in my area for more information.  And yet, I am looking forward to next week; who knows what will happen?

And meanwhile, it's all happening "out there", too...

Obama outlines strategy for deep space.  "President Obama pledged his full commitment to the space program, outlining a new strategy that ends current programs while funding new initiatives."  So be it.  Among the various programs which are funded, a return to the moon is not one of them.  That seems right to me...

Plink becomes part of Google GogglesGoogle buys Plink to improve Google Goggles.  Makes sense.  I think augmented reality is going to be *huge*, and Google is well positioned already to be the leader.

It had to happen: the 1TB SSD arrives.  It costs $4,000, but still, it exists.  Cool.

Paul Graham with another classic think piece: Organic Startup Ideas.  "The best way to come up with startup ideas is to ask yourself the question: what do you wish someone would make for you?"  This is true, especially if you are similar to a large class of other people with the same wish :)

Icelandic Volcano's plume as seen from spaceWired: Icelandic Volcano's Ash Plume as Seen From Space.  "A NASA satellite captured an image of the ash plume from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano’s Wednesday eruption. We can see the ash plume from the event sweeping east just north of the United Kingdom en route to Norway.  The plume has disrupted air travel in western Europe, The New York Times reports, because of (well-founded) fears that the silicates in the ash could turn into molten glass inside planes’ jet engines."  So be it.  Man, it sure has disrupted travel!

Meanwhile, 6.3 quake strikes Papua New Guinea.  Huh.  It is certainly worth asking: Are there more earthquakes than there used to be?  (Answer: no, but it sure seems that way just now...)

Opera's House of StyleAnother virtuoso Opera column by New Yorker music critic Alex Ross: House of Style.  "Gelb deserves high praise for returning the Met to the thick of the city’s cultural life.  I hope, however, that amid the sleek concepts and media tie-ins he will still attend to opera’s primal virtues."

Possibly useful tip of the day:  So I’m leaving for Europe for 10 days, so naturally I back up my computer.  So naturally Acronis crashes.  Over and over again.  Yikes!  Turns out it didn’t like the fact that my iPod was plugged in.  I vaguely remembered something like this happening to me before and randomly tried unplugging the iPod, and poof! the backup worked.

John Gruber ponders Motorola's Droid problem.  "I don’t know if Motorola can afford it, but they ought to be doing whatever they can to scoop up Palm."  That does seems like a good solution for both companies...

Microsoft's Kin phoneMary Jo Foley: Five surprising things about Microsoft's Kin.  The Kin might be awesome - although it doesn't seem to be - but what surprises me is that Microsoft now has three incompatible mobile phone offerings in the market.  That seems like two too many.

Scott (Dilbert) Adams at his best: Heaters.  Yes, you must read it, but yes, you must put down any sharp objects and hot liquids before doing so.  Hilarious!

Phillipe Gilbert sprints away from the field to win the Amstel Gold classicCongratulations to Philippe Gilbert, who won the Amstel Gold race this morning, sprinting away from a pack of leaders on the famous Cauberg.

Onward, into the week!  Stay tuned :)

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