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Friday,  02/26/10  05:08 PM

Wow, a quiet day, wrapping up a week which was anything *but* quiet.  Still in mental recovery from getting hit by a car while riding - that will take some time to get over - and have a lot of other stuff going on too...  wow.  Amazing what one little brain can have going on all at once :)  Anyways, there is stuff going on outside my head, too; let's take a look at some of it, shall we...

Cape Horn - a perfect venue for the next America's Cup :)Now that America has the America's Cup back, there is active debate about where the next Cup will be held...  The Horse's Mouth has a great suggestion: Cape Horn.  And I would add, during the Southern winter :)

mind-bending optical illusion (click through for more)Here we have a cool slideshow of mind-bending optical illusions.  Whoa, make it stop moving!  (this is *not* an animated GIF :)

Once again with the confusion between correlation and causality: Smokers have lower IQs than non-smokers.  This headline should read: stupid people more likely to smoke.  Sigh. 

Or how about this one: Writing headlines about IQ lowers IQ.

garage door muralsThis is cool: new looks for old garage doors.  The possibilities seem endless... how about a view of a sunset?

News you can use: the mathematics behind a good night's sleep.

Sven Kramer is disqualified from gold in the 10,000 meters because of a coach's errorOkay, you know I'm a fan of speedskating, and I'm Dutch, so I have to note this amazing disaster: Sven Kramer was on his way to winning the 10,000 meters when his coach directed him into the wrong lane, costing him the gold medal.  Man, did that ever suck.  I watched this without sound on the CNN headlines, and could tell instantly what had happened by the body language.

how genetics works :)A funny picture from Jason Kottke: how genetics works.

Huh, this is interesting: Slashdot notes PayPal to open App Store for developers.  These would be developers of applications which use PayPal, but presumably not end user applications, so the market will be pretty small.  Still...

Mark Pilgrim: Simplicity is hard.  Let's go shopping!  Mark is great even when he's writing about nothing.

Alinghi can't cross BMW Oracle at the start of the first raceThis is way cool: BMW Oracle have posted full video of each of the 33rd American's Cup races.  Amazing stuff...  (I especially like those English accents of the commentators, perfect :)  The aerial views are especially telling, the size and scale of these yachts is amazing, and their speed in that light air!

I hadn't appreciated before that really BMW Oracle won this regatta in the first minute of the first race, when Alinghi tried to cross on port and failed.  Right there you could see the power of BMW Oracle was going to carry the day.

Tesla Roadster - now available via leaseCool: Tesla launches Roadster lease program.  Kind of a risk for them, given that there is no secondary market for Roadsters, so the residual value is unknown... but great for people who want to buy one.

Ten reasons to avoid talking on the phone.  If you needed any more :)

Robert Scoble: Palm's small-screen bet doomed the Pre.  He could be right.  Palm was trying to make the phone as small as possible, and they succeeded in making a wonderfully small phone, but perhaps a bigger screen would have been more important...

Totally agree with this: Killer whale, the clue's in the name.  How weird is it that everyone is trying to figure out why killer whale's are aggressive?  They are at the top of the food chain!  Nobody asks why tigers are aggressive, do they?

ZooBorn: baby TahrZooBorn of the Week: A baby Tahr.  (Himalayan Tahr are one of three species of large Asian ungulates related to the wild goat.)

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