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still one of their kind

Saturday,  02/06/10  10:14 AM

It has been nearly two years since I was in Amsterdam on business, and [re]discovered that I am one of their kind.  "Whenever I am in Holland the culture embraces me with its familiarity."  A year later I revisited and reconfirmed that feeling... I was still one of their kind.  And sometimes it just happens that I am reminded.

stormy lightsLast night it was cold and rainy and windy, and yet somehow I felt like riding.  I put on a bunch of clothes, grabbed my mountain bike, and took off into the stormy dark for a blustery two-hour battle with the elements.  It was great.  The water coming up from my front tire was illuminated by my blinking headlight, giving the illusion of sparks flying.  I could barely see, the wind and rain combining to create a mist through which lights appeared as smudgy halos.  I opted to go without iPod - too much water, but also, the sound of rain and wind was soothing.  The whole experience was wonderful.

And so I think back and reflect on how much the Dutch love cycling, in their cold and rainy and windy country.  It might seem a paradox since the conditions are so imperfect.  And yet, there is a simple joy to the man-against-the-elements act of cycling in a storm.

I believe I am still one of their kind.

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