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Friday,  01/01/10  09:19 PM

Not blogging about football - yet - too many of you still have Tivoed stuff yet to watch, I know...  I can tell you that I enjoyed it all, ate too many tamales with too much chili, and am in no shape at all for an early morning 200K tomorrow.

McDonald's space station float - 2010 Rose ParadeDid you watch the Rose Parade this morning?  Kitschy but fun, somehow... you have to love those bands from random places and the horses, and the floats are tasty eye candy.  I loved the one with the bulldog on the snowboard, that was amazing, but I think my favorite was McDonald's space station float.  It was way cool, with moving parts everywhere.

reflecting on the decade, but what do we call it?Last night I referred to the decade past as "the naughties", and promptly received corrections in email; apparently some of y'all think it should be "the aughts".  Well good for you.  Apparently there is no clear consensus, what do you call it?

Man, they're at it again: Hundreds of cars torched in France at New Year.  Reuters can't bear to give the truth of this, they call them "youths", but we all know they are Muslim youths and that France has a huge social/racial problem.  Imagine 1,200 cars being torched overnight in the U.S...

Have you been reading about "personalized medicine" ad nauseam, and wondering just what the heck it means?  Then check out this editorial by Richard Gallagher in TheScientist, which explains it really well...

New Yorker: Van Gogh's EarAwesome article in the New Yorker: Van Gogh's ear.  He was definitely weird and who knows the real story behind his ear (did he cut it off himself, or did his roommate Paul Gauguin?), but man, was he talented...

Dave Winer casts a "no" vote on Sherlock Holmes: Indiana Holmes:  "A total waste - one of the dumbest two hours of movie ever."  Okay.

John Gruber speculates about the Apple tablet.  "The Tablet, I say, is going to be Apple’s new answer to what you use for personal portable general computing."  Interesting, John's guesses about Apple are pretty reliable.

My own view is that the tablet is real, and that it will be a sort of super-iPhone, and that it will be targeted at digital forms of print media; books, magazines, etc.  It will be a sort of super-Kindle, with the ability for magazines and websites to create tailored content to be readable on a slate.  I think the iSlate name seems defensible if a little boring.  Keep in mind the name "iPod" didn't exactly grab everyone at first either and now it is a household name.

Matterhorn by moonlightPicture of the day: Matterhorn by Moonlight, from Doc Searles...  how cool is that?

Onward into 2010 we go...  hey so I didn't tell you about my new year's resolutions, but I have two.  The first is that I'm going to spend more time coding...

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