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Sunday,  12/27/09  10:23 PM

Did you have a nice Christmas weekend?  I hope so...  I certainly did.  Seems like from Christmas Eve through today it lasted for ..d..a..y..s.., and yet now suddenly poof! it is over, and tomorrow it will be back to work.  So be it.  And so it is time for a filter pass, because yes, it's all happening...

I don't like engaging in speculation but man, the blogosphere is positively going crazy over the prospect of an Apple tablet computer, rumored to be called iSlate, rumored to be announced at the end of January.  Cult of Mac's take seems prescient, that the tablet will me more like an iPhone than an iMac, in order to extend the Apple App Store franchise.  I totally believe this, but who knows if it's true :) 

Jamie Zawinski: how to use Facebook with a feed reader.  Huh.  Three things, 1) I wonder if this is useful or merely cool (need to try it), 2) I wonder why Facebook makes this so hard; is it deliberate or benign neglect, 3) I have subscribed to the JWZ feed, lots of good stuff.  (but LiveJournal?  Really?)  If you don't know Jamie was one of the original Netscape crew. 

Picture of the day, a mountain Yak (click to enbiggen), Yikes!
Hang in there!! 

So here is some important work: study finds link between house chores and sex.  "We're not saying that housework causes sex; rather there are groups who 'do it all' and other groups who do not."  Not only interesting but accurate in that they don't muddle correlation and causality

Unbelievable: as of this Holiday season Amazon's Kindle is the most gifted item in their history, and as a result Amazon sold more virtual books than real books on Christmas Day.  Wow.  And yet this is no anomaly, it is the future.  I must tell you I *still* love mine... 

An interesting little mini discussion on Instapundit about students' motivations; I like this: "America has the world’s worst 18-year-olds and the world’s best 30-year-olds."  I wonder if this is because the world's best 18-year-olds move to the U.S.? 

Okay we had a picture of the day, so maybe this can be the space picture of the day: Men at work, with a view (click to enbiggen). 

CNet's top ten [tech] news stories of the decade.  Their #1 is Google launches Adwords and becomes tech's most important company, which is hard to argue with... 

Here we have the coolest remote controlled plane you've seen: an SR-71 blackbird.  Wow. 

Sadly, this movie violates the inverted pyramid dictum; it starts out boring, with titles etc., but hang in there because watching the plane take off and fly is worth it.