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Avatar: I see you

Monday,  12/21/09  11:19 PM

I saw Avatar tonight. 
It was AWESOME. 

Yes, you must run out and see it.

Yes, you will wear funky glasses.
And you will experience 3D as never before, and you will love it.
You will feel like you did when you first saw Star Wars
or Alien or Terminator 2 or The Matrix
as you realize that moviemaking has again reached a higher plane.
And you will say to yourself, as I did: "soon we will all have 3D in our houses".

Yes, the story is amazing and moving;
it will remind you of Fern Gully, and this is no bad thing.
You will sit through three hours and it will feel like one.
You will love every minute of it.

Yes, you must run out and see it.

"I see you"

(thanks, Franklin!)