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Sunday,  12/20/09  08:26 PM

A crummy lazy Sunday, in which I accomplished less than I wished.  Blech.  And had far less fun than I could have, in trying.  Double blech.

A fascinating analysis by Gerry Purdy of Frost & Sullivan: Why Android is Getting so Much Traction: Less Than Free.  Microsoft charges a handset makers a license fee to use Windows Mobile.  Google charges them nothing, and gives them a cut of the ad revenue.  "As you can clearly see, the OS software license fees just went from fee-based (Microsoft) to free (Apple) to less than free (Android) in less than two years."

So I'm in a restaurant, and I'm reading a menu, and it says "Almond Tuile".  Tuile?  And I am so used to reading on my Kindle, that I instinctively make a move to scroll to the word so I can look it up in the dictionary!  Um, that doesn't work with a paper menu...  Yet!  (Although I did whip out my Pre and ask Mr. Google :)

Titan Sea: Ligeia MareWell this is great news: Proposed NASA Mission Would Sail the Seas of Titan.  Perhaps my skills as a sailor would help overcome my lack of any other qualifications for this mission? 

Q: is a sea on Titan, a "Titanic Sea"?  And would such a mission be called the Titanic?  Are there icebergs on Titan?  Questions abound...

The Dial cellphone - it's all the in the wristAn interesting design for a cellphone: The Dial.  ("Um, your wrist is ringing...")  Of course the lack of keyboard would make this a non-starter for me... but it looks cool.

Huh, I'll have to check this out: Palm launches new Web-based mobile development tool.  It begs the question, if I could have any App at all on my Pre, what would it be?  I have a hard time thinking of anything I need on it.  Maybe a really fast digital slide viewer?

Avatar: the blue people rule!Avatar: the blue people rule.  I am going tomorrow, and I am happy about it.  Stay tuned!

RSS Reader Market in Disarray, Continues to Decline.  I have always been puzzled why RSS hasn't become more widely used.  I guess the activation energy is just slightly too high.  It doesn't surprise me that browser-based readers like Google have won out, they have in email too.  (Browser-based anything seems to win, just because it is easier...)  But it does surprise me that given there are good free browser-based readers, more people don't use them...

ZooBorns: baby porcupine twinsZooBorns of the weekend: baby porcupine twins.

So that's it then, onward into the week before Christmas!  I have much to do, and much fun to have; should be great...  I hope it is all great for you too!

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