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Definitely, Maybe

Sunday,  12/20/09  10:10 AM

Definitely? Maybe!We watched Definitely, Maybe last night; a romantic comedy from 2008 that we had totally missed, and loved it.  The acting was great, the story was great, the moviemaking itself was great, and the whole thing ended up being really fun.  (Perhaps the bottle of Ocean's Ghost Pinot with fudge helped too :)

You think you're in for a formulaic romantic comedy, a couple are getting divorced, the guy tells their story to their daughter, and okay you get it, she's going to help him put it all back together.  Bssst... sort of, but not really!  The mystery angle works, because not only does the little girl not know what happens, we don't either.  (And you *still* don't!) 

All the relationships worked for me, you could really see it, and they didn't all end in flames, they ended as relationships really do... and restarted the same way.  Okay, okay, Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fisher, and Rachel Weisz, yeah, that worked for me too...  Shirley would say she still prefers Hugh Grant, but Ryan Reynolds was okay.  Best of all, the movie was well made, the scenes were set appropriately, lots of little touches were "right" (like a computer in 1997 running Win 3.1 and going online with a modem and IE 3, I'd recognize that hideous turquoise anywhere :).

Should you rent it?  Definitely, maybe.

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