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Friday,  11/27/09  10:03 AM

Good morning y'all!  Hope this finds you well and recovering nicely from a great Thanksgiving dinner.  I must tell you Shirley and the girls outdid themselves last night, we had a marvelous meal, very traditional with turkey and stuffing and bread pudding (!) and vegetables and so on...  accompanied by a nice Jumilla.  And finished off with pumpkin pie, apple pie, and cheesecake, a la mode.  Just typing these words makes me feel full all over again.

Cyclelog (pre-dinner of course!): Rockstore, 28 miles, *again*.  Wow 15 days in a row and still not getting easier.  We'll see what today brings.  You might think I would be getting sick of this ride and you might be right.

Today is my annual brush with death as I put up Christmas lights.  Fortunately it is a beautiful day, not raining and not windy, both factors which have made previous years more interesting.  I will be inspired by Carson Williams' amazing "Wizards of Winter" display from 2005, YouTube at right.  I plan to take it slow and easy :)

I keep accumulating links about the Obamaniacs, but I'm in a good mood so I'm not going to share them.  I will say, it is becoming increasingly obvious to many (as it was to me all along) that John Bolton was right.

pie chart - um, noOkay, this is funny.  It defies summarization but you must click through.  You will thank me.  [ and I will thank Daring Fireball for pointing it out ]

Tim Bray makes a great observation about using his Android smartphone: "A huge amount of most people’s workload is manageable given anything with a decent email client and browser.  For now, I can’t really use the phone for anything creative: Writing, or coding, or photography. I wonder when and if that might change?"  Other than sending email, which is arguably a creative act, you can't originate content on a smartphone.  Okay, you can take pictures, crummy ones, which you have to edit later on a PC to make them halfway presentable.  But can I post to my blog?  Not yet.  And coding is clearly out of the question.  For now.  But like Tim, I have no doubt this will change...

the Matrix in Lego!The Matrix in Lego.  In HD no less.  Unbelievable.  Watch it now.  [ via Kottke ]

Space Shuttle Atlantis and Russian Soyuz docked side-by-side on the ISSThe Space Shuttle Atlantis landed this morning, boom boom.  We've become so used to this; the amazing fact that we can launch a spaceplane, have it dock with a space station for eleven days, and then return to Earth safely raises hardly an eyebrow anymore.  It costs a lot, but it works.  Check out these amazing pictures taken while the Shuttle was docked on the ISS and astronauts worked on the outside.  Scenes from a movie.  My favorite is the one showing both the Shuttle and the Russian Soyuz docked side-by-side.  How cool is that?

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