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Wednesday,  11/25/09  09:06 PM

Yesterday was one of my long before-dawn to after-dusk days, whew.  Productive but I was too tired to blog :)  And today I slept in, took it easy, coded for a while, hung out (all my kids are home!), and it was not productive at all, except in mental health.

Cyclelog, 11/24: Kessel run, 20 miles.  Max windy.
Cyclelog, 11/25: Rockstore, 28 miles.  In the moonlight.  Beautiful.
(BTW 14 days in a row now...  and not getting easier...)

Oaks Grandparents' Day concertThis morning my kids' school Oaks Christian had their annual Grandparents Day.  It was really corny but really nice.  They had a little concert - Meg played! - and the highlight was when one of the teachers asked the auditorium full of grandparents "how many of you served in WWII?"  A fair number of hands went up.  Wow.  That was sixty-five years ago.  Imagine - just try, because it is hard - imagine what those people have seen in their lifetimes...

Apple's iTunes App StoreIf I asked you to name the most successful software distribution mechanism of all time, what would you say?  Of all time.  You would say - you would have to conclude, after reflection - that it was Apple's iTunes App Store.  I don't even know what you would say was in second place.  And yet, all the blogospheric punditry insist on 1) criticizing Apple, and 2) making all kinds of suggestions for improvement, and 3) criticizing Apple for not listening to suggestions for improvement.  If it isn't broken, don't fix it, especially if it is the most successful effort of all time!  Sheesh.

Yay.  In fact double or maybe triple yay.  Embracing the obvious: Nuclear Power is Now Okay.  "'Nuclear power - long considered environmentally hazardous - is emerging as perhaps the world’s most unlikely weapon against climate change, with the backing of even some green activists who once campaigned against it.'  Considered by whom, exactly?  Well, by the green activists who never had a good explanation for why nuclear power wasn’t the solution to the hysteria they were creating over global warming and to the more realistic concern about lessening our dependence on foreign oil."  The longer I live, the more things I've believed all along are being embraced by others :)

San Onofre nuclear power plant - in the middle of my "Kessel Run"Parenthetically, you guys know I often do a ride I call my Kessel run, from Dana Point harbor down along the beach to Camp Pendleton.  This takes me right by the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  Every time I ride by it, I think; man, we should have these everywhere.  And no, my fingertips are not glowing :)

Windows 7 report: I am fully migrated and happy.  I am getting used to (and even liking) the new taskbar, and new alt-tab behavior.  I am enjoying the better handling of images and thumbnails, and minor performance improvements everywhere.  I like that I can sleep/unsleep and dock/undock with confidence.  Compatibilty has not been an issue.  The whole thing was a non-thing on which I will no longer report.

The numbers game: valuing Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Oh, and AOL (shortly to be spun out as, well, AOL) is fighting a downward spiral, as it struggles to get back in the game.  Less than ten years ago AOL was bigger than Yahoo and Microsoft, and Google was not even in the conversation.

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