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Saturday,  11/21/09  04:47 PM

A nice day of football watching, working, hanging out, and cycling...  what could be finer?

Cyclelog: Rockstore, 28 miles.  Tenth day in a row.

Well okay, two things could be finer, going out to dinner with Shirley, and going to our friends' Beaujolais Nouveau party.  And both are on tap! 

...but first, this...

fake animated progress barThings I hate: fake progress indicators.  You know what I mean, right?  Some kind of animated GIF or something, which makes you think something is happening, but it isn't really?  These seem to be cropping up all over, replacing actual progress indicators.  The animated mouse cursors in Windows 7 are a good example.

Oregon 44, Arizona 41, in OTDid you catch today's Oregon - Arizona game?  Wow, what a great game.  Unbelievable.  It seemed like Arizona had the upper hand all game but the Ducks hung around, and then at the end they tied it (!) and then they won it in overtime.  Wow.  I guess we're going to see the Ducks against Ohio State (who mauled hapless Michigan today) in the Rose Bowl.  So be it.  Quack!

PS too bad Stanford couldn't beat Cal, but that's the way the Pac10 has rolled this year, everyone is tough.  The best conference in the country.  It is so great that everyone plays everyone, and there's no bogus conference championship tournament.  As it should be.

SecondLife: "sorry, we're closed"The BBC wonders What happened to Second Life?  "Once upon a time Second Life had a Twitter level of hype.  Even those without a cartoon version of themselves couldn't plead ignorance due to blanket coverage in newspapers and magazines."  Turns out it was all just a game.  A good game, but no substitute for first life.  Nothing to see here, move along...

my amazing long days' journey into the Lagos de CovadongaI am very excited about this: the 2010 Vuelta is returning to Covadonga.  Way back in September 2007 I myself rode and watched a stage of the Vuelta on the amazing Lagos de Covadonga climb: long day's journey into LagosOne of the most amazing days of my life, and it was fun to relive it rereading this post.  I cannot wait for the Vuelta, how excellent!

ZooBorns: tiny sea turtlesZooBorns of the day: tiny sea turtles!

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