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Monday,  11/16/09  09:50 PM

A sad and dreary day.  I do not know why, but I know that it was so.

Cyclelog: Rockstore, slow and tired, fourth day in a row.

Roger Simon: The importance of being Leiberman.  "I am increasingly becoming convinced he is the indispensable man in the US Congress, indeed in the entirety of our government, a welcome whiff of integrity in a morass of group think, self interest and outright dishonesty."  I agree. 

Postal service posts $3.8B loss.  You and I are paying the difference.  Can't wait until healthcare is a subsidiary of the Federal Government, too.  Blech. 

Win 7 update of the day: so far, still so good.  Biggest problem right now is a weirdness with my blogging client, CityDesk.  Second biggest problem is Acronis, my backup software; might need a new version.  It has tendrils deep into the system.  I must tell you I am -> <- this close to disabling User Access Control, it serves no purpose and it is annoying. 

Wow, TTAC bids farewell to it's founder.  TTAC of course is The Truth About Cars, a great blog that tells it like it is, all about ars and the car industry.  Robert Farago has left the building, and he will be missed. 

Who knew?  Richard Dawkins totally looks like Emma Watson.  Well actually not totally, I'm going to say their nose and mouth are nearly identical, but their eyes are quite different... 

Can we tell lossless from MP3?  No.  But you already knew that.  What's interesting is that people who knew more about audio gave better explanations about why lossless is better than MP3, but they were no better at telling them apart :) 

Scariest thing you'll see today: this video, apparently real, taken in a Microsoft Store.  You have to feel sorry for Microsoft, they are so tone deaf.  As John Guber says, "jiminy". 

ZooBorn of the day: a Hyena cub.