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November Sunday

Sunday,  11/15/09  11:33 PM

Just an amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, beautiful November Sunday.  Bright and clear, warm but with a crisp tang in the air, the angle of the shadows and the colors of the trees telling you it's fall.  Wow.

Cyclelog: Rockstore, third day in a row.  Blazed it.

Colts vs PatriotsDid you catch the Colts - Patriots game tonight?  Wow.  That's some of the best football I've seen, what a great game.  Who would have thought the Colts even had a chance?  I know Bill Belichick will be second-guessed for going for it on fourth down, but I think [statistically] it was the right call.  It sure made for a great game to watch!

Obama stumbles in JapanWant to see our wonderful President in action?  Check this out.  He might have been an articulate and thoughtful candidate, but he's a dazed and confused leader.  In Japan on a state visit, how could he not have an answer for a question about Hiroshima?

Powerline nails it, in reviewing The NYTimes' review of Sarah Palin's book:  "The 'colorful personal narrative' that most 'overshadow[ed] policy arguments and actual knowledge' in the 2008 campaign was that of Barack Obama, not Sarah Palin...  We are now living through the debacle that results from electing a President based on a 'personal narrative' rather than 'policy arguments and actual knowledge'."  I know there are those among you who disagree, but fewer with each passing day; President Obama has not distinguished himself.

Win 7Day two of my migration to Win 7.  Most of my issues have to do with migrating, period, not with Win 7.  So far all of the benefit I've seen has to do with a [somewhat] faster laptop, not with Win 7.  A lot of work to stay in one place...

BTW I have great advice for anyone who is doing something like this: keep a log.  Not only is it a great deal for problem determination, but it is a great record of what you did for the next time.  And there will be a next time.  I just use Notepad, simple one liners for each thing I do.  Try it, you will thank me.

iPod billboard reverts to whale muralI am happy about this: 13,750 sq ft iPod billboard goes missing.  Sure the Apple ads are cool, but that whale mural is way cooler...  everything doesn't have to turn into an ad for something, does it?  (Don't answer that :)

ZooBorn: baby white RhinoZooBorn of the weekend: a baby white Rhino.  How cute!

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