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still desk checking

Friday,  11/13/09  05:31 PM

A little while ago I posted an ode to Desk Checking.  It's one of those articles I used to write more often; a little think piece about programming.  It gets linked every so often but it isn't a major traffic driver.  So yesterday I received the most excellent email ever from a guy named Adam:

Hello there,

I'm currently a sophomore in a computer science course and I am doing some last minute studying before a test I have tomorrow morning.  One thing my teacher told the class to review before the test was desk checking.  So, I Googled desk checking to find a more detailed description of exactly what it was.  I had an idea of what it was and it turned out I was correct.

I came across your article: http://www.w-uh.com/posts/080401-desk_checking.html.  I read through it and was amazed by the story you told about the batch deck of cards.  I can only say that I'm glad I don't have to go through that kind of hassle.  Anyways, I was just letting you know that I found your rant to be very informative, funny and humbling.  I'm positive that on my test tomorrow I will be able to thoroughly explain what desk checking is and that from now on, because of your article, I will desk check my work before compiling.

I predict Adam will go far :)