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Thursday,  11/12/09  11:18 PM

Probably the busiest couple of days in history; began early yesterday and ended late (!), and then more meetings presentations phone calls meetings all day today.  Ended with a nice Kessel Run (slow but steady in the fog, with mistly lights gleaming), dinner at the Charthouse, and finally I'm back home, whew!  And blogging...

yay, Alex!So my daughter Alex has her driver's license!  Yay Alex!  She's actually a pretty good driver for being sixteen, and I'm not too worried, except for all the other idiots on the road.

As I was posting this I wanted the image at left, so I looked up when Jordan got her license, and found this post from six years ago.  Alex had just turned 10, and Jordan had just gotten her license.  Man, they grow up so fast, don't they?

I love the comments about going to Magic Mountain ("a bunch of really fat, really ugly people"); that sure hasn't changed.  Actually the whole post is pretty good; I was a good blogger then :)

Cox and Forkum celebrate Veteran's Day 2004Finding that old post about Alex and Jordan prompted me to click on the "this date in" links above right.  11/11 was a good day for blogging; check out this post from 2004, with a great Cox and Forkum cartoon, Veteran's Day 2004.

Measuring Infinity - infinitely cool :)And check out this post from 2003, with probably my all time favorite cartoon ever, Measuring Infinity.

How cool is it to have been blogging for so long?  It is cool.  Onward!

Kindle for PC now available.  Awesome.  Downloaded it, tried it, liked it.  Just works, much like the Kindle itself.  I'm not sure of the use case for this, for me; seems like I pretty much have my Kindle all the time when traveling anyway.  But I could see an unexpected time kill need surfacing...

Google's vast storage arrayGoogle are now offering twice the storage for a quarter of the price.  16TB for $4K/year.  Wow.  Puts them in competition with Amazon's S3, I think.

Evan Williams: Why retweet works the way it does.  Makes total sense.  If you were into Tweeting, that is :)  I'm slowly coming to Twitter, I get it, lots of people use it, I just don't get why; the signal to noise is basically zero.  But given that lots of people Tweet, searching Tweets can be really useful.  So I'm paying attention.

Interesting example: my company Aperio recently hired an experienced and influential Pathologist as Chief Medical Officer.  Just before that, we were named San Diego County's Exporter of the Year.  On blogs, the CMO news was much bigger, but on Twitter, the Exporter of the Year news was bigger.  The difference is focus; there are many more people interested in exporting than bloggers interested in digital pathology.  Fascinating.  What a great time to be alive.

the awesome bicycle chain clockMost awesome clock ever: made from a bicycle chain.  Wow, do I need one of these!  ($2,500!)

Okay, that's it; I'm pooped....  see you tomorrow.

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