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Tuesday,  11/10/09  10:29 PM

A cold misty morning led me to wear a sweater today; a first for this winter.  Made me feel cozy and winterish.  All day.

If you're starting a company or working on a product these days, a consideration has to be giving it a unique name so it can be found online.  If you pick a name which isn't Googleable*, that's a huge mistake.  Especially if you pick a name which is likely to result in mis-hits.  Imagine naming your company Apollo Pools.  Not as good as Ole's Pools, is it? :)

* yes of course that is a word, silly.  And it's even Googleable.

Wolfram Alpha on "Ole"You might think my name Ole is unique, but it isn't that Googleable; you have Object Linking and Embedding, and Ole Miss, and so on...  Ole Eichhorn is pretty good though :)

According to Wolfram Alpha, Ole is the 6,053rd most popular man's name, with only nine of us expected to be alive.  Huh.

The Ditherer in Chief: "Reports that President Obama has made a decision about Afghanistan are absolutely false."  I agree with Cassandra: "that's the first believable statement I've heard from this administration in months."  Only I might drop "in months".  These guys are absolute clowns, aren't they?  In one year President Obama has become the biggest joke of a President since Carter.

More clownage: President Obama's non-celebration of the anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall.  He doesn't mention Russia as the cause of the wall or Reagan as the cause of the falling of the wall.  And he makes it sound like his election was as important as uniting Germany.  I think he really believes that, too.

Regarding the shooting at Ft. Hood, Jerry Pournelle comments: "There were plenty of indications that Major Hassan was behaving in an odd manner.  Nothing was done about that.  In my judgment it is not stupid to ask why nothing was done.  It is not stupid to pay attention to probabilities."  Not stupid, just politically incorrect, and that's what's really stupid.

Kareem Abdul-JabbarCrap:  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has cancer.  Seems to be handling it with dignity and grace as he handles everything.  fXf!

Comment: The videos on the CNN website are uniformly horrible.  They not only violate the reverse pyramid dictum, they have pre-roll ads, thereby further violating it.  Most of the time I don't even make it through the ad.  I didn't this time.

WSJ reports on a study of VC-backed company boardrooms.  "But while 54% of VCs listed 'mentoring the CEO'” as one of their three top value-adds, only 27% of CEOs chose this as a benefit that VCs bring to the table."  Ha!

Tom's Planner: simple AJAX Gantt chart generatorTom's Planner looks really cool; a simple AJAX Gantt chart generator.  I'd play around with it, but I didn't plan time :)  Actually this is filed in "make time when I can"; stay tuned....

X-Ray named top scientific achievement by London Science Museum.  Huh.  Not a horrible choice, but does it really outstrip digital computers?

How to avoid an untimely death.  "#3: Do not road cycle or jog on public roads/roadsides.  This is self-evident."  I'm afraid this is true :(

ZooBorn: baby Porcupine fuzzballZooBorn of the day: a baby Porcupine.  Oh my.  A new candidate for the definition of fuzzball :)

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