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Sunday,  11/08/09  10:01 PM

Megan's awesome football cakeA day of football, as I watched the end of the college games from yesterday and three pro games from today.  Whew.  Good thing I have two Tivos and two Slingboxes, so I didn't have to leave my computer :)  How great is it to be able to work while "watching"?  Don't answer that.

Megan got into the spirit by baking an awesome football cake.  It tasted as good as it looked (click to enbiggen).

Damian Williams dives for the pylonPlay of the weekend, week, month, or year: USC's Damian Williams takes a short pass from Matt Barkley and bursts through the Arizona State secondary for 75 yards and a touchdown, but the last 5 yards were a dive along the sideline, ending with a midair touch of the football to the pylon as he was going out of bounds.  Incredibly athletic move.  'SC barely survived and is barely alive for the Pac-10 title, as Oregon and Cal both lost.

I must tell you, I OD'ed fully on commercials.  Yes I was Tivoing so No I didn't watch them, but I had to keep skipping through them, how annoying.  I think the networks have responded to lower CPM prices by increasing the number of commercials per millisecond.  If you didn't have a Tivo, you'd kill yourself.

price war!James Surowiecki on price wars: Priced to Go.  Interesting analysis, sometimes a seemingly negative sum game is worth playing, especially if you're a big company playing several games in parallel.

Quote of the day from Villainous Company, a great blog I discovered via Instapundit: "Everyone likes the Marines because they unapologetically like to kill bad people."

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Why the mainstream media is dying.  "Every once in a while you get to see a mainstream outlet cover a story right alongside a blog, so you can put them up against each other and see why one was so much better than the other."  This is so true.

Motorola Droid: awesome or awful?Scoble says the new Droid fails as a product compared to the Palm Pre and iPhone.  And Adam Curry is more succinct: Droid sucks.  These are both guys I would have expected to be squarely in the middle of Droid's target demographic.  Huh.

Interesting: Slashdot reports HTML5 viewer for YouTube, no flash required.  Huh, wonder if this is the future?  Video seems to be single-handedly keeping Flash relevant.

Trizilla's new wing mainWeird and wonderful news from the Trizilla (BOR90) camp, as they unveil a new hard wing mainsail!  No wonder they weren't that concerned about losing their $10M mast the other day...  Can't wait to see this one on the water.

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