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Saturday,  11/07/09  01:44 PM

Recovering from a hard ride, and preparing for a big dinner party, and enjoying an absolutely beautiful day.  Wow, I think sometimes November is the *best* month in Southern California, especially when it isn't too windy...  anyway, let's make a filter pass, shall we?

Well Technorati is officially dead.  At least for me.  For the longest time I had an RSS feed there, to tell me about inbound links and other references to my blog, but it *never* worked.  Not really.  At lately it has worked less and less well.  And the other day they started sprinkling "headlines" into the RSS feed, stuff which doesn't have anything to do with me.  So that's it, unsubscribed, and see you later...  not.

PS yeah I use Google's blogsearch RSS feed and that works just fine.

unemployment, Oct 2009Think the economy is recovering?  Check out the chart at right.  Seems like Obamanomics isn't all it was cracked up to be.  I think in some senses the economy is recovering; the stock market is better, but the job market is not.

Powerline on Fox vs CNN: time to stop this fight.  On election night "More people watched Fox News than all of its cable news competitors combined, and CNN came in a dismal fourth."  Wow.  I know the White House want America to believe Fox is ultra-conservative, but the truth is that their cable competitors are ultra-liberal, and Americans want a more balanced narrative.  Interesting that the pendulum is swinging back.  It might be that helping get Barack Obama elected ends up being the "jump the shark" moment for the liberal media.

Spirit, stuck in Martian sand...I'm rooting for 'em: Mars Rover plans its escape.  "After being stuck in soft soil on Mars for six months, Spirit, one of two NASA rovers on the red planet, is about to attempt an escape."  I love these robots; remember, the original mission was 90 days back in 2003, and they're still ticking...

Pac-10 standings, a/o 11/7/09... stay tuned!Finally, on a day when I plan to watch a little football before our party tonight, and with Oregon seemingly on their way to losing to Stanford, check out the Pac-10 rankings at the start of the USC / Arizona State game...  what a mess!  The conference is so good everyone is beating everyone else, and nobody has a clear path to a BCS bowl.  I guess it will be Arizona, huh?  Stay tuned!

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