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Tuesday,  11/03/09  11:41 PM

Tireder than crap; man, what a long day.  It has been a while since I went down to Vista, worked all day, rode, ate dinner, and then drove home all in one day.  A good day actually in which quite a bit was accomplished; I have such great colleagues, it is an amazing pleasure sometimes to work on stuff with them.  Tonight it was cold and freezy and foggy and really felt like winter was at hand.  I kind of liked it.

So much for the pithy title thing, I'm too tired.  But not too tired to blog!  ZZzz..

Trizilla dismasted!So Trizilla aka BOR90 has a blog!  Subscribed!  And just in time to report that they've been dismasted!  Oh, no, Mr. Bill!  Fortunately nobody was hurt as the $10M carbon fiber tree was felled.  Well maybe Larry Ellison felt it in his wallet.  Yikes!  Stay tuned for more...

the Twitter PeekThe Twitter Peek, a handheld device which, um, Tweets.  That's all it does.  "This thing is pretty rough...  Weird batches of tweets would come in, all from one person, for example, or weird messages like 'Oh Hey, you're Tweeting so much!  We're going to try to catch up' or something to that effect.  It's also really slow.  You have to click twice to read a Tweet – once to bring up the menu and once to read the Tweet – and scrolling is really bad."  Sounds pretty compelling.


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