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Monday,  11/02/09  09:50 PM

A day of coding, and a nice hard ride.  Good stuff...

With much football and baseball left to watch.  Enjoyed the games yesterday while coding :)

AAPL vs GOOG vs MSFTTechCrunch notes Google equals Apple in value, talking about market cap, which for both is $169B.  Quick, without looking, which has more revenue?  (GOOG $22B and AAPL $36B)  Which has more employees?  (GOOG 20K and AAPL 34K)  Interesting.  And also interesting to compare both to Microsoft, with a market cap of $252B, revenues of $56B, and 93K employees).  Comparing the stock prices over the last five years (right), AAPL is up 600% (green), GOOG is up 200% (blue), and MSFT is flat at 0% (red).  What do you think this will look like in five years from today?

a WebVan vanThe WSJ remembers Ten years ago, when online groceries were all the rage.  Man do I remember WebVan, we loved them, and used the heck out of them.  But there was no business there, and they ended up one of the biggest bombs of the dot-com era.  Hard to believe that was ten years ago.

robots explore TitanWell this is cool: an Armada of Robots to explore Titan!  As you all know my "out there" goal is to visit Titan, but maybe I won't physically visit it, maybe it will be a virtual trip using robots as sensors.  Now that would be cool!

how to open a bottle of wine with your shoeNews you can use: how to open a bottle of wine with your shoe.  Amazing.  I would suggest trying this with TJ's crap before doing this with a bottle of Mayacamus, but who knows, it could come in handy...

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