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weekend of August 15, redux

Sunday,  08/16/09  06:11 PM

Wrapping up my all-day-blogothon, some notes from this weekend.  We're in the home stretch!  Whew.

not home yet :(As James Surowiecki notes, we are Not Home Yet.  The foreclosure situation is still precarious.  Yeah, there's a recovery in some senses, but the core asset for most people is their home, and that value has not yet recovered.

I love this story about Bob Dillon: NY Police want to see some ID.  "'What is your name, sir?' the officer asked.  'Bob Dylan,' Dylan said.  'OK, what are you doing here?' the officer asked.  'I'm on tour,' the singer replied."  Sounds like a scene from one of Dylan's songs, doesn't it?  Too bad it didn't happen on Highway 61.

trizilla flying
Trizilla flying
Trizilla porn - the big trimaran under way.  (Click thumbnails to enbiggen.)  Wow, this has to be one of the most beautiful craft under way...  I can't wait to sail it :)  perhaps you're getting tired of seeing these shots, I know I post 'em a lot, but I must tell you I can't getenough...  James Spithill says 'we've flirted with 50 knots'.

Moths hydrofoiling to weather!I also can't get enough of looking at Moths going to weather on their hydrofoils, how cool is that?  And unlike Trizilla, these are [somewhat] affordable; I could actually imagine having one.  Sailing has definitely gone high tech since I was a kid!

The Business Insider reports on the ten most expensive iPhone apps.  A $180 digital pathology viewer from Interpath was #9 on the list! - and Aperio's server software got an honorable mention.

TomTom has released a navigation app for the iPhone, and it is getting a lot of attention.  But weirdly, because the iPhone cannot multitask, you can't use it while you're using your iPhone as a phone.  This kind of limitation is not found on the Pre, for example.  The press really gives the iPhone a pass on this sort of stuff; single-tasking in 2009 is truly a ridiculous limitation.

Bugatti Grand Sport convertibleNextAuto drives the Bugatti Grand Sport convertible.  "Many delineate wealth simply as The Haves and The Have Nots.  For those who have had enjoyed any sum of money, you know that classifying wealth is not nearly so simple.  There are The Have Nothings, The Have Less Than I Do, The Have More Than I Do, The Have More Than I Ever Will, and The Have More Than I Can Ever Imagine.  The 2009 Bugatti Grand Sport is the ultimate car for those in the last group."  I may be kidding myself, but I think I can imagine having this much money :)

1939 meeting of the Union of British FascistsPowerline: 20th Century London, in photos.  The one at right shows a 1939 meeting of the Union of British Fascists.  Wow.  Although the word "Fascist" has now been discredited, the political philosophy has not; for example it is embodied to a large extent in the Obama Administration's vision for government control over services like health care.

ZooBorn: Meller's Duck chickZooBorn of the weekend: a newly-hatched Meller's Duck.  I have to say it: I'm a sucker for cute chicks :)

And so ends the blogo-marathon.  Onward into the week!

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