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Thursday,  07/30/09  10:42 PM

Back home, yay, with so much to do and yet it was a nice productive day back, actually did a "local" ride for the first time in, well, a long time, and had a nice dinner here at home with my girls.  And watched the TDF stage 16 which was cool because of the "Lance attack" in the middle... and enjoyed the summer, which has been absolutely delightful - definitely cooler so far...

Stephen Marche in Esquire: "Nobody wants to hear it, but this fact is too important to ignore: So far, the first African-American presidency has been one of the worst ever for African-Americans."  I have to disagree.  He makes a compelling case but ignores the most important fact, the ceiling has been broken.  Race has become less important, and that's what really matters...

John McCardell thinks we should eliminate a minimum drinking age; I agree.  "The way our society addresses this problem has been about as effective as a parachute that opens on the second bounce. Clearly, state laws mandating a minimum drinking age of 21 haven't eliminated drinking by young adults - they've simply driven it underground, where life and health are at greater risk."  Prohibition never works.

Open Table app for PreI see where there is an Open Table app for the Pre.  Now that is useful, I love Open Table.  They already have a web interface, but the app uses the Pre's GPS to know exactly where you are and find restaurants close by - exactly what I need.  Yay, Pre apps are coming!

Oh, and there is an unofficial Google Voice app for the Pre, too.  I must try this, a good excuse for signing up for Google Voice.  Stay tuned for that!

PS Apple is definitely not looking good on the Google Voice app thing.  I believe they went a little too far, and the ramifications are going to surprise them.  That walled garden thing has a way of coming back on you...

Kerry Tribe's H.M. - an art installation based on a man who could only remember 20 secondsAn art installation based on H.M., remarkable: Kerry Tribe's H.M.  "What made the piece so remarkable was that it played back on two 16mm projectors, the film being delayed by exactly 20 seconds from one to the other."  Wow, how cool is that?  Cannot wait to see it... stay tuned!

Michael Arrington rethinks the news: The New New York Times.  "The New New York Times, or NNYT, would have a writing staff of say 50 people. These are among the best journalists in the world, and let’s say they wanted to pay themselves $200,000/year, a top salary for a reporter of that stature."  I'm afraid Michael falls into the trap all journalists have to fear, thinking that writing matters.  The business model of media is not based on good journalism, anymore anyway, if it ever was...  sadly I guess.

electric airplane: the electraflyer CHere we have an electric airplane with room for two, the Electraflyer C.  Yay, I want one!  (and you know you do too...)  How cool would that be... what a great time to be alive.

untying the knot: a video showing the best divorce everEverybody is linking this excellent divorce video, and so I will too, because it is excellent...  and how cool is this, the record company which owns the rights to the song, Chris Brown's Forever, is linking to the video instead of filing take down notices.

Good question: Where are the alien space probes?  I've been wondering that myself.  I've looked, and I've looked, and I've looked...  nowhere to be found!  Of course there is always the possibility that they're right in front of our noses, and we just don't know what we're looking at...

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