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Thursday,  07/23/09  10:21 PM

Yay I'm back home.  Man, did I enjoy being back home.  I have been on the road again too long, and under too much stress, and not sleeping enough.  Can't wait to sleep tonight!  But first, this...

the Governator announces budget cutsHere we have the Governor of California announcing budget cuts.  Wow.  I'm glad he's cutting spending - we don't have the money - but not sure this indicates the required level of seriousness.  Well, I guess he is who he is :)

Powerline wonders if Obamacare won't end up being Obama's Waterloo.  "Metaphors aside, the Democrats' 'never let a crisis go to waste' strategy appears to be crumbling. Americans are steadily turning against the Democrats' health care plan, even though hardly anyone knows what is actually in it."  I find that among my friends even those who are big Obama fans are not fans of the health care plans he's proposed, and the same seems true among legislators.

Jeff Bezos apologizes for the 1984 Kindle debacle: "Our 'solution' to the problem was stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with our principles."  So I guess that means maybe it won't happen again?

Pre-celebration: WebOS update 1.1 is out, and it is goodMore Pre-celebration: WebOS update 1.1 was released today, and I applied it, and it was good.  Everyone is reporting the bit about restoring compatibility with iTunes, but there are a lot of other nice features in this release, including an improvement to email formatting which I really appreciate.

PayPal - the new world currency (then, and now, now)Wow, John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, says PayPal will be bigger than within 4-6 years.  I happen to believe that, and I'm impressed that he does too, because he can help make it happen.  Back in the day at PayPal we wore "the new world currency" tee-shirts, and we believed it; after the acquisition by eBay it seemed for a while that PayPal might be relegated to "just" auction settlement, which despite being a big opportunity is massively smaller than the total opportunity for online payments worldwide.  Cool.

Oh, and PayPal just announced a new developer program which features an API for payments that doesn't require payees to visit the PayPal site.  That is going to be very big.  A great move, this paves the way for PayPal to replace credit cards online.

Scott Loftesness notes some stunning numbers:

  • reported quarterly revenues up 14%
  • Apple reporting quarterly revenues UP 12% - amazingly good!
  • PayPal reported 11% revenue growth on a 12% increase in payment volume
  • The New York Times Company reporting advertising revenues OFF 32% - a very big, ugly number!
  • Microsoft reporting its first ever annual DECLINE in revenue - capped by a 17% decline in quarterly revenues year over year - UGLY indeed.

It is a new world.  The Microsoft numbers were especially interesting; I guess they couldn't survive the Vista debacle forever, and people are just not buying new versions of Office.

John Gruber is starting to feel bad for Rob Enderle; "'I’m expecting some really good news in terms of outlook for [Microsoft],' Enderle told CNBC"  Hah.

Peak Performance: POV video climbing Pike's Peak at high speedWired Autopia: Racing flat out for the clouds.  Which includes an amazing POV video taken while climbing Pike's Peak.  I love the moment where he passes the 20mph sign at 100+mph.  COOL!

Google rocks: did you mean recursion?

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