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Wednesday,  07/22/09  09:35 PM

Greetings to you from my now-usual spot, the bar at the Dana Point Charthouse, where I am enjoying a Pinot Noir after a blazing attempt on my "Kessel Run" from the harbor here down to Camp Pendleton.  (For the record, no, I didn't hit 20mph; too much wind and not enough strength left after a week of not-enough-sleep.)  It has been a really busy week at work, and I am happy to be heading home so I can get some work done :)

... and so I can watch the Tour in HD ...

Pre-celebration: the battery life seems just fine to go with the overall coolnessPre-celebration, day three: still working just fine, with enough battery left for blogging :)  Seriously it is now apparent that my previous bad experience with battery life was confined to a bad specimen, and while the battery life may not be excellent, it is good enough for day-in-day-out use.  Meanwhile everything else about the phone is excellent; I love the screen, I love the form factor (smaller and cooler and rounder than my Centro), I love the keyboard, and I love the WebOS UI.  You guys can all have your iPhones and the 65,000 games in the Apple App store, I'm really happy.

I'm not just being flip, by the way, I'm making a real point.  The Pre comes with a great phone app, threaded messaging, a nice web browser, great camera, MP3 and video players, Google Maps, GPS navigation, Office doc display, etc.  I'm sure there is additional functionality "out there" which would be nice to have, but really, out of the box nothing is missing, Sprint gives you a fully functional smartphone.

Michael Totten: What the West Bank really looks like.  Sounds much nicer than we are sometimes led to believe; it isn't a war zone.  [ via Instapundit ]

Contender start - beauty in [fast] motionSailing Anarchy has an awesome picture of a Contender start.  I've always loved these boats, not only are they fast and fun, they're beautiful...

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - 2 million gallons of water and some amazingly huge fishJason Kottke links this amazing video of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, which holds 1,981,290 gallons of water.  Please click through, wow, how beautiful.  (Why is it that watching fish swim is so peaceful?)

In the same vein as my classic The Tyranny of Email, Paul Graham notes Manager's Schedule, Maker's Schedule.  While I agree with the central theme, I would observe that it isn't so binary; there are manager's who make, and maker's who manage, and their schedules tend to be blended, too...

Yesterday I noted the Cellscope; today HealthImaging asks Can docs accurately diagnose CAD on an iPhone?  "Although this evaluative technique is investigational in the U.S., as it is pending FDA clearance, LaBounty suggested that this proof-of-concept showed that a mobile handheld device may be useful in the diagnosis of CAD."  I think it is inevitable that someday soon smartphones will be used for medical imaging.

ZooBorn: tiny Tufted deerZooBorn of the day: a tiny Tufted deer.  Aww...

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