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Monday,  07/20/09  10:54 PM

Whew, tired.  Great day.  Great, great day.  Many good things happened; interesting things at Aperio, positioning ourselves to keep growing (we seem to be weathering the economic storms, whew), nice ride tonight in which I rode all the way around MCAS Miramar (fka NAS Miramar, scene of Top Gun), and wonderful dinner with my [oldest] daughter Nicole, who is back from Sicily and in the process of returning to civilian life after a seven year tour in the Navy.

...and the Ole filter makes a pass...

Palm Pre - and so how IS the battery life?Pre-report: I am pleased to report that I was able to use my [new] Pre all day today without recharging the battery, from 0500 until just now.  I used the heck out of it too; phone calls, email, texting, even used the GPS when my car's GPS got confused.  So far so good.

blue diamond jets practicing off MCAS MiramarWhile riding past Miramar I was treated to a ton of fighter plane traffic, like giant wasps taking off and landing and buzzing through the air like paper being torn loudly.  Apparently they are practicing for the Miramar Air Show in October.  Anyway it made for some great spectating while riding.

Betanews asks: Could Popfly's pop up be game over for Microsoft?  "1) The Bill Gates era really is over.  2) The closure is yet another sign that Microsoft doesn't really get social media.  3) Microsoft is more aggressively trying to protect and to extend its existing Office-Windows-Windows Server applications stack."  All of which seems true.

Scoble: All the hype in the world (why PR isn't enough).  Twitter is his example :)

learning to love the roundabout...Slate: American drivers should learn to love the roundabout.  Indeed.  Watching the Tour de France has reminded me how cool they are :)

The Big Money: Kindle under fire.  "From disappearing books to pricing wars, e-readers are having a tough time."  Weell... yeah I get the point, but the bottom line on the Kindle for me is that my XX-year old Mom loves hers as much as I do mine.  They have found a ready market.  And despite their best efforts to screw it up (deleting 1984 was impressively ham-fisted) they are going to win.  [ via Marc, thanks ]

Just like... Apple's secret weapon (your mom).

This is pretty cool: Johns Hopkins Medical School is planning to offer an informatics degree.  Wow, what a transformation in the field of medicine, right?

the Alinghimaran sails!And finally... it sails!  The Alinghimaran in action.  Whoa.  Not quite as beautiful or majestic as Trizilla, in my humble opinion, but perhaps faster.  More here too...

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