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Friday,  07/17/09  10:45 PM

Zac Sunderland - youngest to sail around the world alone!Just wanted to recognize the incredible achievement of my fellow Westlake Yacht Club member Zac Sunderland, who yesterday became, at 17, the youngest sailor ever to circumnavigate the globe alone.  He sailed his 36-foot Islander into Marina Del Rey yesterday after a 13 month voyage, greeted by an avalanche of media and friends, including a sizable contingent from our yacht club. 

Sunderland, whose voyage spanned three oceans, five seas and twice led him across the equator, once spent 60 hours without sleeping, while trying to fix broken rigging in 15-foot seas and gale-force winds.

"I think society puts young people in a box - people 15, 16, 17 - and does not expect them to do much but go to high school and play football and stuff like that," Sunderland said. "This just shows they can do a lot more with some strong ambition and desire.  My [advice] is to get out there and do your thing with all you got."

(Thanks for my friend Franklin for the pictures below...)

Zac sails into Marina Del Rey with quite an armada

The press outnumbered family and friends :)

WLYC Commodore Michael Broggie marks the moment

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