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Thursday,  07/16/09  10:42 PM

A pretty mellow day of work, capped by a great ride down the coast from Carlsbad to Del Mar, and a nice dinner with a colleague.  I was strong today; must be the combined effects of the long hard ride on Saturday and some time off.  Sure is fun riding when you can float up the hills :)  I expect it will all be back to normal tomorrow, however...

Apollo 11 liftoffForty years ago today, Apollo 11 blasted off taking men to the moon for the first time.  It was an incredible accomplishment, especially given the archaic technology available in 1969.  See if you can watch the linked video without getting chills.  It was way cool.

We the People Stimulus PackageThis is awesome, you must watch it: We the People Stimulus Package.  Tea Party, anyone?

Stephen Baker of BusinessWeek on how to remake BusinessWeek.  "This last 5% consumes a sizeable effort and expense.  The question the next (or current) owner of BusinessWeek is going to have to grapple with is whether such attention to detail is worth it, or, alternatively, whether there's another way to achieve the same goal."  Perhaps sadly, readers no longer appear to value that 5% very much.  In the wake of McGraw Hill announcing it might be up for sale... very interesting.

Microsoft seeks imaging industry input... regarding their HealthVault product.  And boy, are they going to get input from me!

Meanwhile, looks like the rumored Microsoft - Yahoo deal is down to the short strokes.  So be it.  I'm sure the nature of the deal will be quite different under Carol Bartz.

The Palm "Mojo" SDK is open to the world.  Will the world care?  Let's hope so!

Finally: conversation with a friend, today: "Remember when MTV used to be music videos?  Yeah!  And remember when CNN used to be news?"  :)

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