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Friday,  06/12/09  04:44 PM

Michael Schenker
 A quick post before heading out to see Michael Schenker in concert!  Yay!  And then sleep, and then up at oh-dark-hundred to go to a conference over the weekend...  I will be a busy boy.  But first, a quick filter pass...

Important skill: how to type with a foreign accent.  "To sound Russian, omit definite or indefinite articles. 'No, you cannot have cheeseburger.'"  I love it  :)

Self-directed medicine: Teen trumps pathologist; diagnoses her own Crone's disease.  I, too, was impressed by the lack of defensiveness on the pathologist's part.  Diagnosis is tough, and mistakes can be made.  Which is why digital pathology is so important, among other things it facilitates secondary consults...

The Panda's thumb reports on fossilized insects revealed in 3D scans.  This is the classic "trapped in amber" scenario exploited to give scientific backing to Jurassic Park, but in real life.  I wonder if any of them have dinosaur blood in them?

goat tower!If your backyard is a little drab, perhaps you might consider a goat tower?  "Goats are the most curious animals in the world so they use the tower a lot. They come and go, passing each other on the ramp as needed."  I think little humans are even more curious, how great would it be for kids to have such a thing?

Facebook to sort of bring back the old site design.  Yay.  That might get me to start using it again.  BTW tonight is the great Facebook namespace rush, sign on at 9:00 PST to get your name...

ZooBorn: baby PythonZooBorn of the day: a baby python.  Awww....

See you on the other side of the weekend!

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