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Thursday,  06/04/09  07:56 PM

Busy day getting ready for some downtime; riding the Eastern Sierra Double Saturday, which means tomorrow afternoon I'm driving up to Bishop, and then sailing with Meg in the Westlake Cup on Sunday.  Had to take my car in today, I'm afraid it is quite $sick, and ran a million errands, and ... blogged!

Kindle 2 - so easy to use your Mom could do it?You know that phrase "so easy my Mom could do it"?  Well, that doesn't quite apply to my Mom - there are a lot of things she can do (including reading my blog, so I have to be careful :) - but she just celebrated her 76th birthday (no, she doesn't care if you know) and we got her a Kindle.  I am very interested to see how she likes it...  Happy Birthday, Mom!

LGF reviews President Obama's speech to the Islamic World.  Not bad.  Certainly it isn't as bad as many (including me) might have feared...

US Air Force's X-37B space planeCool: US Air Force to launch space plane.  "While next year's flight profile remains a bit hazy, reports have the X-37B under auto-pilot control zooming into Vandenberg Air Force Base for a landing, or perhaps at Edwards Air Force Base, California."

Telsa is expanding into Europe, opening three showrooms in London, Monaco, and Munich.  Apparently they have now delivered 500 roadsters in the U.S., and the first European deliveries will take place this summer.  Very cool.  Remember, they are the only car company shipping electric cars.  Repeat after me, hybrids are not electric cars...

A panorama of the Enterprise's bridge, from Star TrekThis is amazing: a panorama of the bridge from the Enterprise, taken from the new Star Trek movie.  Kirk and Spock would feel right at home.

Time Magazine features Twitter as their cover storyTime Magazine has long since ceased to be relevant (to me at least, and to many others), but interestingly they feature Twitter on the cover of their latest issue.  I can't help but feel this is just the mainstreaming of the hype, but it is impressive.  What Joe and Jane make of this is anyone's guess.  Perhaps they can now follow Oprah and Shack.

Huh, this is interesting: RIM buys Dash.  I still have mine, but don't use it; the service has expired, and I can't renew it.  Perhaps now I'll be able to...  but no clue whether the old Dash hardware will ever be supported again.

World Wildlife Foundation's carbon-neutral headquarters in the NetherlandsWhat a beautiful building: the World Wildlife Fund opens carbon-neutral headquarters in the Netherlands.

ZooBorn: baby black RhinoZooBorn of the day: a baby black Rhino...

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