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through glasses, darkly

Wednesday,  06/03/09  11:54 PM

Oakley Livestrong sunglassesSpeaking of taking risks (we were), there is one weird risk I love to take: I like cycling in the dark with dark glasses.  I prefer Oakley Livestrongs for this purpose, your mileage may vary :)  Not the world's biggest risk, after all I can still see - sort of :)  But I love that feeling of rushing along in the dark, little lights flashing by on all sides.  A nice hard rock soundtrack enhances the effect, such as Van Halen's Panama...  or Styx.  I don't know why this is fun, maybe I'm making the jump to hyperspace :)  One of these days I'll hit an unseen pothole or something, and it won't be so fun.  But for now, I prefer to see the world through glasses, darkly...