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Tuesday,  05/26/09  10:30 PM

Tough to get back into "work mode" this morning (at 4:00AM!), a productive day but a long one - work work work - good thing I enjoy my job because I certainly spent a lot of time on it :)  And then a little bike ride up and down the beach (today I thanked the world for allowing me to live in a place where I have such beauty to enjoy while riding) and then a nice dinner with friends / coworkers and then blogging and then... sleep!

My car's airconditioner has crapped out.  Crap.  It did it in a very unpromising ($$$!) way - loud bang followed by smoke coming out from under the hood.  Don't need the A/C but do need the $$$ it will take to fix it.  Not thinking about that right now ... nnnn ...

the most interesting ad on TVThe most interesting commercial on TV... features the most interesting man in the world.  I, too, don't always drink beer, but I, too, prefer Dos Equis when I do :)  Stay thirsty, my friends!

chicken racing :)Interesting note from Gerard Vanderleun, Marijuana Country: "The tax-free produce of this fertile region probably produces the only section of California that isn't bankrupt."  You'll have to click through for more on the picture :)

Great new feature in PayPal: balance manager.  Automatically transfers money when your account goes below $X to reset it to $Y.  This is huge for me; the main reason I have to carry two credit cards is that I often forget to check my PayPal balance (which affects the amount available through my PayPal debit card).  Ah, it's the little things in life...

Euro Disney in 3D on Google EarthGoogle Earth have added a bunch of new 3D models, among them Euro Disney.  Cool.  Now I can go there without, um, going there.

frankenwatch!Is this the world's ugliest watch?  I think it might be, amid stiff competition.  Isn't it amazing that people keep trying to come up with new innovative watch designs, even though just about everything now contains a clock?

Apparently Time Warner are considering spinning out their AOL subsidiary...  after trying and failing to find a buyer.  The $147B "merger" of AOL and Time in early 2001 has to be considered the peak of the dot-com bubble as well as the "jump the shark" moment.  AOL has declined amazingly since then, are they even relevant?  Who uses AOL anymore, for anything?

Adenovirus: cancer-cell killerExcellent: Virus Tamed To Destroy Cancer Cells But Leave Healthy Cells Unharmed.  "Scientists at Oxford University have tamed a virus so that it attacks and destroys cancer cells but does not harm healthy cells. They determined how to produce replication-competent viruses with key toxicities removed, providing a new platform for development of improved cancer treatments and better vaccines for a broad range of viral diseases."  What a cool approach, more please!

ZooBorns: baby MarkhorsEver heard of a Markhor?  Yeah, me either.  Well anyway they are endangered goat-antelopes indigenous to Central Asia, and their babies are cute...  ZooBorns of the day!

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