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Tuesday,  05/19/09  11:54 PM

Late night blogging - I'm pretty tired after a  l o n g  day - you have been warned...

Completed the Kessel run again tonight but not quite in two hours, in my defense may I note a fierce headwind.  While riding along the beach at San Onofre I noticed a bunch of helicopters flying in and out of Camp Pendleton, more than usual... turns out a bit later one of them crashed!  Wow.  Having been right there makes it so much more real.

Big Ten logo - with hidden eleven insideTwenty-five logos with hidden messages.  (For example, the BigTen logo has an embedded eleven, becauase there are now 11 schools in the conference.)  Very cool.  And of course these are just the ones we know about :)

Death Star bailout (note Air Force one :)The latest bailout request: too big to fail.  I love it.  (... and I especially love Air Force One in the picture - I wonder how they did that :)

It's official: SolarWinds breaks nine-month IPO drought.  Yay!  Let's all wish them well... in other IPO news, IPO-ready OpenTable hit with suspicious lawsuit.  That really sucks, there should be a special penalty for nuisance lawsuits filed on the eve of a company's IPO.  (This happened to PayPal, too.)  Anyway I wish OpenTable the best, not only because they're going public but because they offer a great service which I use all the time when travelling...

Queen Rania of Jordan tweets!Sounds-like-the-Onion-but-isn't headline of the day: An interview with Queen Rania of Jordan about how Twitter can change the world.  I am not making this up.  Actually Queen Rania seems like an impressive and enlightened leader.  (I'm pretty sure I never thought I'd have a picture named "QueenRania_tweets.jpg")

Great for both: Daimler buys 10% stake in Tesla (for a reported $350M!)  Tesla will get money and know-how, and Daimler has a solid entry point to make electric cars.

Good news for all you fellow Pre-buyers: Best Buy will offer instant rebates on the Pre.

ZooBorn: fluffy pheasent chickZooBorn of the day, or of any other day: a fluffy pheasant chick.

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