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Windows 7!

Friday,  05/15/09  03:15 PM

Well I did it, I am now - ta da - running on Windows 7.  I did a clean install onto another drive, which went amazingly well, and am now in the process of installing applications and copying over data.  I'm sure this is going to take a long time and there will be all kinds of niddly things which don't work and hassles.  And I'm sure I will ask myself more than once what problem exactly I was solving by doing this.  But...  I had reached the point where my Windows XP system needed to be re-installed anyway; cruft had accumulated to the point where the system was slow, the mean-time-to-reboot was about one day, and all sorts of stuff had stopped working or at least stopped working right.

Windows 7 desktopThe install process was fast and smooth, and "everything" worked right away  as far as the hardware; somehow all of my laptop's devices were detected and connected.  This includes stuff like the network card, WiFi, USB, audio, trackpad, power management, etc. - all stuff that in the past I would have been worried about, as being manufacturer specific instead of generic.  That was a great thing.

The system feels "snappy"; I don't know if we give Win 7 the credit for this, or if it is just the result of a clean install, but at least Win 7 isn't slowing things down dramatically.  I installed Office 2003 and Sharpreader and Citydesk and Photoshop, so I'm able to blog (!), and have a longish list of other applications to install and configure.  And of course I am keeping a careful log of all changes so I can fall back if necessary.

Precelebration is the root of all failure, but so far, so good...

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