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Thursday,  05/14/09  11:44 PM

don't vote!Want to know how I voted in the May 19 special election?

  • 1A - "Rainy day" stabilization fund: YES.  Seems like a good idea to save more in good years so you'll have more in bad years, although it probably won't matter that much.
  • 1B - Education funding payment plan: YES.  A stopgap to "borrow from the future", but we probably need it.  What we really need is to repeal Prop 13, but that's another subject.
  • 1C - Lottery modernization act: YES.  I'm a big fan of the lottery, especially since I never play :)  It raises money without raising taxes.  Good on 'em.
  • 1D - Children's services funding: NO.  I kind of didn't get this, seems like taking money out of one pocket and putting it in another, too confusing to be a good idea.
  • 1E - Mental health funding: NO.  Another "borrow from the future" proposal, but unlike education this doesn't seem as critical, and we can't do everything on a line item basis.  Tough call.
  • 1F - Prevent pay increases for elected officials in deficit years: YES.  I can't think of anything which would be better to assure a balanced budget :)

As always with every election, let me remind you, please don't vote.  Well, unless you take the time to read the initiatives and think about them, of course.  Hopefully you don't just read some blog post and then vote :)

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