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Thursday,  05/14/09  08:54 PM

It was so nice to be home today, a beautiful day and I spent some of it in the backyard, thinking and talking, and enjoyed it through my office window.

Reginald is now seven...Today is Reggie's seventh birthday.  Woo hoo!  Or as he would say, so?

Last night I noted that Amazon is now letting anyone publish their blog for Kindle users.  So I did it.  I'm not sure anyone will pay $2/month to read my blog, but we'll see :)  I must say the implementation was clean.

There does seem to be a teeny glitch, anyone can publish anyone else's blog.  So you could publish mine and make money from it.  Good luck with that, but seriously this is a bit of a hole in the system...

I'm pretty much a Malcolm Gladwell fan, but I do have to agree with this: Gladwell's generalizations.  Essentially makes the same point I made a little while ago in The Law of Significance.  Not everything is an amazing new general principle, sometimes it is just an isolated data point.

Angels and Demons - watch out, that's antimatter you're holding there...Next week Angels & Demons will be released, yay! (the box office war against Star Trek is billed as "the Illuminati vs the Romulans).  I loved the book, and yes, I will see the movie.  Tom Hanks is not how I picture Robert Langdon, but Ayelet Zurer is exactly how I pictured Vittoria Vetra :)

Where is it written that movies have to have such complicated websites?  They're well done and all, but so ponderous.  Hard to navigate and find stuff.  Same with car websites - they're always really complicated too - and also rock bands, which are not only complicated but often out-of-date and broken.

Deep Flight Super Falcom winged research submarineThis looks like (and sounds like) something from a Dan Brown novel (or a movie): Deep Flight Super Falcon winged submarine readies deep sea exploration in San Francisco.  Despite the revolutionary angle to the story, wings are not new on submarines, so I don't get what all the fuss is about.  I guess I'll have to wait for the movie :)

I find this hard to believe: "Cyber Millennials" Are Drinking, and Working Out, More Than You Are.  Really?  How many of them recently discovered Cuco, from Yecla, and how many of them completed the Kessel Run in under two hours? :)

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