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Monday,  05/04/09  11:37 PM

Work work work but made great progress (isn't a funny how accomplishing stuff makes the work work work fun where otherwise it would be, well, just work?)  And had a nice ride along the beach at sunset, down to La Costa Resort where I remembered being there 18 years ago for a conference.  Wow, just wow.  I wonder if I'll visit again in another 18 years :)

Watched He's Just Not That Into You tonight.  I though it was pretty good, better than I expected.  Jennifer Aniston and Ben Aflack especially were pretty good, and especially were better than I expected.  Maybe I was just in the mood for a cute chick flick :)

I agree with this: TechCrunch thinks the big screen Kindle Hail Mary to newspapers will fall incomplete.  First you have to know, I love my Kindle.  And everywhere I go it is recognized and appreciated (happened at dinner tonight).  But I would not want it to be bigger, it is borderline too big now, or at least the right size for reading "stuff".  I think few people will want a bigger one, but those who do will be people who need big type to read.  Nobody is going to read newspapers on a bigger Kindle if they weren't reading newspapers on smaller Kindles before.  Newspapers are dead, and electronic distribution on physical devices will not save them.

Hunt for Gollum: dancing bear?There's a lot on the net about the Hunt for Gollum, the fan-movie which was released online Sunday.  The whole project is appealing and cool, but it is useful (is it actually an entertaining movie)?

Tim Oren: Gollum, the dancing bear.  I haven't watched the movie yet - maybe tonight! - but I was hoping for more, I do agree with Tim's central point that this is a new step forward in user-generated content and there will be more of this...

the Sarah Connor Chronicles...Meanwhile while we're waiting for ever-cooler user-generated content, how about saving Sarah Connor?  This is one of the very few TVs shows I watch.  Really great.  I must tell you I'm not surprised the show is in trouble based on the fact that I like it; seems like my taste is pretty different to the average TV-watcher...

Saturn's rings with Titan in the backgroundPicture of the day?  Titan peeking out from behind Saturn's rings!  Wow, how cool is that?  Cassini just always seems to be in the right place at the right time to take this amazing pictures, I guess maybe Saturn and Titan and all the other moons are just photogenic :)

Kara Swisher nicely debunks the Apple-buying-Twitter rumors, in the parlance of a pretty girl being courted :)  [ via Daring Fireball ]

the brain-directed wheelchair, how awesome!I have to agree with Engadget on this: Mind-controlled wheelchair prototype is truly, insanely awesome.  Even if this one doesn't work, you just know this technology will exist, and it will be amazing.  What a great time to be alive!

You can imagine all sorts of great uses for this technology for people who aren't handicapped also.  Like, maybe, brain-directed computer user interfaces?  Brain-directed blogging?  Yes!

dolphins leaping off the bow of an oceanic research vesselOkay, maybe this is the picture of the day, dolphins leaping off the bow of an oceanic research vessel.

By the time most of you read this it will be Cinco de Mayo, so... Olé!

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