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favorite: Dave Ullman

Friday,  05/01/09  07:53 PM

Dave UllmanSailing Anarchy has a cool new feature, they ask renowned sailors "what's your favorite boat?"  Some answer specifically with a particular boat and some more generically with a class...  recently they asked Dave Ullman (he picked the 470 class, which he dominated for about 20 years back when it was the only Olympic doublehanded dinghy).  You need to know of all the great sailors I've raced against or knew about, Dave is my favorite.  Well okay Paul Elvström is in the conversation too, but since I've raced against Dave and only read about Paul, I'm going with Dave.  As I wrote to Scot Tempesta (Sailing Anarchy's editor):

Saw “favorite” w Dave Ullman, man that brought back memories…

Dave was untouchable in the 470 in the 70s (well, in just about anything). He was the first guy I ever sailed against I knew I would never beat. (I was young then :) I always considered that Carter’s boycott of the ’80 Moscow Olympics hurt Dave more than anyone, he would have gone for sure and won. And then the trials for the ’84 Olympics were on that lame lake in New York in incredibly light air, and Dave got screwed out of going.

Anyway that was cool to see his note, great idea for a series...

In his note where he picks the 470 class as "his favorite", Dave mentions "My next class I would like to sail is the Moth. I would be interested to see if I can sail a class that is so challenging and fast at my age. It could be great fun!"  Which brings me to another Sailing Anarchy post, All Good, that includes this picture of a Moth, flying:

Moth, flying

I'm with Dave, that looks like great fun.  And I'm not even 60+ like he is :)

BTW my own favorite?  That would be the 505 class.  Which brings me back to Paul...

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