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Tuesday,  04/28/09  11:51 PM

Still feeling crappy, restless, high-energy but undirected...  need a windmill to charge.  When you don't like the position in which you find yourself, you have to move to change :)   I did manage a great 40 mile ride along the beach from Dana Point down to Camp Pendleton and back (nearly averaged 20mph, but just missed); this is one of my favorite rides now, flat and windy, no traffic, watching the sun set over the ocean...

One year ago I was recovering my hard drive, and getting ready for a trip to Europe.  Seems like approximately forever ago.  If I had only known then what I know now...

Slashdot: Why digital medical records are no panacea.  Links BusinessWeek: electronic health records have a dubious history.  I think a lot of this is true; they are not a panacea.  But good standard online EHR would improve patient care, streamline treatment, and reduce costs.  Seems well worth pursuing...

Keith Kaplan: web tracking of swine flu.  I'm trying to figure out how real this is; I sort of over-reacted to the SARS scare, and now I'm sort of under-reacting to this...

giant 'model' rocket launch!Remember that giant "model" rocket?  Well, they launched it!  And everything went perfectly...  check out this video for the blastoff and recovery...  how cool is that?

MotorTrend magazine: future shocked...As go the car companies, so too go the car magazine; MotorTrend has filed for bankruptcy, as reported by TTAC, a car blog...  so be it.  Now who will report the "car of the year"?

Eric Sink discusses time and space tradeoffs in version control systems.  What's interesting is that the exact same tradeoffs come up storing images, only the sizes are much larger, so the benefits of deltas are much greater.

Brad Feld reminds us don't confuse a conference and a trade show.  What?  We would never do that, would we?  Actually I think the difference is more in the eye of the beholder than in the nature of the event.  Sorry Brad.

Vinyl ipod app - a mini disc player :)The awesomest iPod app?  Vinyl gives you a mini spinning disk, you can even control the speed of playback.  Wow, I don't know what to say.  The ultimate dancing bear?

ZooBorns: Maned Wolf pupsZooBorns of the day: Maned Wolf cubs.

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