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Orbitz sucks

Monday,  04/20/09  01:29 PM

I would like to interrupt my regularly scheduled programming for an announcement: Orbitz sucks.  (What's the use of having a blog audience if you can't rant every now and then, right?)

Orbitz sucksThe details don't matter but I booked through Orbitz for a recent trip to Chicago and had a terrible experience.  Never again.  I had to change my return flight, the other return flight didn't get cancelled, I didn't get a promised refund, etc., and every interaction with them required difficult navigation through their phone system and long waiting periods before talking to non-English-speaking reps who don't listen and aren't helpful.  I'm talking about you "Amanda", and you "Cody", and you "Lola", and especially you "Teena" (a supervisor).

Travel is complicated, and services like Orbitz should encapsulate the complexity and make it easier.  Instead, Orbitz layers onto the complexity and makes it harder, so that's bad.  But the reason I'm upset - to the point where I'm motivated to post about it - is because of poor customer service.  That's inexcusable.

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