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Tuesday,  04/07/09  11:57 PM

What a mad day, still at HIMSS conference in Chicago, rushing around from presentation to meeting to reception to meeting to reception to ... whew.  (See my report on my Aperio blog for details.)  I think my presentation went well, and it was a big relief; I was nervous, but then I was late, and I was so preoccupied with getting there on time (I did, barely) that my nervousness was forgotten, and before I knew it I was done.  So be it.

Tonight I dined at Graham Elliot.  They say if you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything, and I can't, so I won't.

CEO guide to EHRBW: The CEO Guide to Electronic Health Records.  A nice collection of articles even if you're not a CEO.  Even if you're a CTO attending a conference focused on Healthcare IT.  Especially if...

Interesting, and related: CVS customers can now important their prescription history into Google Health.  This whole personal health thing really has legs.  People increasingly want to take control over their own healthcare - and their parents'! - and consumer software vendors like Microsoft and Google are going to help them do it.

Bill Whittle has a message to the rich.  Man, I must tell you this stuff really raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels.  Eject Eject Eject!

Astana have announced that Lance Armstrong is good to go for the Giro d'Italia in May.  Wow, that's pretty cool.  Also, possibly, pretty optimistic.  I am totally rooting for it; if Lance goes, he could win, and if he wins, he could ride for Levi in the Tour de France.  Otherwise we get a team with three leaders (Alberto Contador too), and that doesn't work.

Juliet Lapidos asks Why is Gmail still in beta?  Good question... five years should be long enough to get all the bugs out, right?

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